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Wednesday, January 7, 2009
Expert Series – Personal Organizing Made Easy

In our second expert series, we are speaking with Dena Pasis, About.com’s guide to personal organizing. Dena has over 11 years of personal organizing experience, helping many people attain their organization goals.

[Qlubb] Welcome Dena. Tell us a little bit about yourself – how you got started and what do you do now?

[Dena] Hi Andrew, thank you for interviewing me. My passion for organizing began in my early twenties when I realized that the clutter in my outer world was creating inner turmoil. At first, I solely concentrated on organizing my personal space, and then I incorporated my talents into the workplace both in office settings and at personal residences. Currently, I am guide to personal organizing on www.about.com, and I am an office manager at a home organization and storage products company.

[Qlubb] I noticed in your blog you talk about people needing to “desire” to be organized. What have you seen are some of the reasons why people want to be organized?

[Dena] A few of the reasons why people want to get organized is to eliminate the clutter in their lives, keep better track of day-to-day events and create function in their current storage spaces.

[Qlubb] Is it possible to get someone to want to be organized who wasn’t beforehand? For instance, how might you get a spouse or colleague to be more organized?

[Dena] I definitely think that someone can become organized who wasn’t beforehand. I also think that one of the best ways to encourage organization for a spouse or colleague is to lead by example. If you lead an organized life, hopefully your good habits will inspire others. Another helpful option is to provide your spouse or colleague with the tools that they need to help them get organized. For example, you could recommend a product to them that you find helpful or introduce them to an organizing system that you utilize.

[Qlubb] Most of the people who start using our service are people who are organizing a group of people. What tips do you have for these people to help get a group of people organized?

[Dena] To encourage group organization, I would recommend that the group leader devise an organizational plan, invite everyone to participate, offer weekly motivational tips and encourage open communication for the participants to express their feedback.

[Qlubb] For many people, organizing is a chore. Are there any tips for making it seem less like “work”?

[Dena] In order to make organizing seem less like a chore, it is helpful to pair a pleasant task with your organizing task. For example, if you listen to your favorite music while organizing your bedroom closet, it can make the task more enjoyable.

[Qlubb] What is your favorite organizing product that you use or that you recommend others to use? Why?

[Dena] One of the products that I use on a regular basis and find extremely helpful to organize my day-to-day events is The Personal and Family Grid Organizer by BusyBodyBook®. (See full review)

This product allows me to easily coordinate my work schedule, social activities, bills, dinner menu and to do’s for each day of the month.

[Qlubb] How can people find out more about getting organized?

[Dena] I highly recommend that anyone who is interested in getting organized should visit my website. As a guide to personal organizing on www.about.com, I provide weekly newsletters, blogs, tips, reviews and articles that will assist and encourage people towards their organizational goals.

[Qlubb] Thanks Dena for taking the time. It’s a busy time for people in the professional organizing community and so we appreciate your time. Happy New Year!
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Thanks Andy / Dena ~

The information is very essential to achieving or maintaining your organization skills in many aspects of ones busy life.

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