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    Call this our 'Greatest Hits' or 'Best of' or our 'Top 40' (remember when that was popular?) resources for group leaders and members. Hundreds of millions of groups -- from hobby groups, to play groups, to extended families to professional associations are a part of everyday life in this world. What we hope to collect here are some of the most useful links on all aspects of being involved with groups.

    Stuff We Like

    • Like many of you, we here at Qlubb are juggling about a zillion things at any one time. Between carpool, sports teams, kung fu, church, school, community,… it just never ends! But somehow, someway, things seem to all fall in place.
    • Qlubb is about a community of real-life groups who want to get stuff done.  In the spirit of this community, we want to share some of the things that make it just a bit easier for us to get stuff done.  If you have others, let us know (we can ALWAYS use the extra help!) Just email us at info@qlubb.com. Thanks!"

    Stuff for events....

    • www.orientaltrading.com This is THE best place to buy cheap party favors in bulk. We can’t tell you how many classroom events have relied on this site alone!
    • www.tinyprints.com We love this online stationary store – really, high-quality, personalized stationary for any type of event from baby announcements to weddings to corporate boondoggle.
    • www.blurb.com We use all the major photo book builders, and frankly we think they are all pretty darn cool. But we like Blurb for the every day photo book because they are 1) pretty fast and 2) more important, less expensive than most others.
    • www.moo.com Business cards, schminess cards… Who thought business cards could be interesting? Moo does a great job in producing high-quality (thick cardstock), colorful cards in an easy and fun manner.
    • www.zazzle.com Great place to make club t-shirts, hats, mugs!   

    Stuff for our minds....

    • www.alice.org/Randy/timetalk.htm

      As if being a professor, father of 3, and an inspiration to the world were not enough, the always inspirational Professor Randy Pausch shared his tips on how he was extremely efficient with his time.
    • www.organizemag.com/ Now you can relax and get organized – a relatively, new magazine, Organize Magazine is dedicated solely to organizing your life. Our kind of rag!
    • www.realsimple.com Now if we could only all be as organized and productive as this magazine! Who knew you could get out red-wine stains with shaving cream?
    • www.davidco.com Getting Things Done – the famous book by David Allen that helps you get personally organized.

    Stuff to help us manage our groups....

    Resources for your specific group

    If you are organizing or a part of any of these groups, please click on the following links to learn more... If you'd like to see more resource pages for your type of group, please let us know
    If you would like to submit or modify any entry or have any suggestions, please contact info@qlubb.com