What is Qlubb?

    Qlubb is the easiest and fastest way to get your real-life group or club online, getting stuff done. In just 1-click you can create a Qlubb and immediately have access to all the features and benefits without any of the tedious registration, setup, configuration… (like we need to tell you.) Qlubb is a no-brainer for both the Qlubb creator and the participant.

    Who uses Qlubb?

    All types of real-life groups can use Qlubb from playgroups to room parents to faith-based troups to hobbyists. Qlubb was designed to help groups of people who frequently come together, get stuff done, and make things happen.

    Why should I use it?

    The question should be “Why shouldn’t I use it?” Clubs and groups are for the most part voluntary – we join groups because we like the people, the mission, the activities. So anything a group can do to minimize the overhead, the miscommunication, the lack of coordination, only makes the group that much more enjoyable. So why not?

    Will my Qlubb use it?

    Definitely. We started Qlubb because we have been members and leaders of countless groups and we made simplicity of participation the core principle. Everything is within 2 clicks – no fussy, unnecessary functionality.We designed it with the real-life group and its members in mind. All functionality is intuitive upon first glance. Our Qlubbs have over 90% participlation and usage by members.

    How is Qlubb different than all of the other options out there?

    One word – SIMPLICITY. We are all about making your online group experience as pleasant and quick as possible. We have specifically designed Qlubb so that members and leaders can easily get on, find what they need, do what they need to do, and then go on with their lives. Social networks are really meant for finding and connecting with friends/acquaintances (but don’t really do anything in the real world). Other online group startups are not designed for the user in mind, and tend to overbuild functionality that make usability very difficult and member adoption very low.

    How do I get started?

    Go to the home page and type in your qlubbname, your desired password and type in some text so that we know you are human and click and you’ve got your Qlubb up and running. That’s it. From there all you have to do is start inviting members and you are off to the races.

    Is my stuff secure?

    Qlubb uses password protection to protect members and their information. Qlubb also has a privacy policy which outlines our use of information. We are providing a service that we hope is useful. We have strict guidelines regarding personally identifiable information (PII) and we do not sell names, etc. to anybody ever.